Aggregate Head Repair

Carbide Tool Services, Inc. offers complete tool repair services on all major brands of aggregate heads. Radial, axial, multi axis, single spindle, multi-spindle and many others can be repaired for a fraction of replacement cost. Aggregate tools and heads are a common attachment that allow the user to machine at different angles. They increase the versatility of your CNC machine by increasing the range of parts you can machine. These aggregate spindles and heads wear over time and are expensive to replace.

aggregate tool repair.

aggregate tool repair.

Use of Aggregate Tools

While aggregate heads are invaluable additions to a CNC router the cost associated with replacing these units. CTS repairs these aggregate heads at a reduced cost vs purcashing a new aggregate head. Maintaining damaged aggregate heads can be we are inexpesive vs new aggregate tool. Aggrgate head repair and can help cut down the cost of replacing 50%-90% over replacement.

Before considering replacing aggregate tools and heads, consider repair as there is a large cost savings involved. We will ensure that your tools are repaired and restored back to their original quality and effectiveness for you.


A window manufacturer was having a lead time issue with new aggregate heads. By using our repair services, the customer was able to achieve zero downtime due to significantly shorter lead times for repaired heads. CTS worked with the customer to develop a repair/preventative maintenance program to manage all damaged aggregate heads. The customer was able to inventory damaged aggregates at CTS and proceed with repairs as needed, resulting in an annual cost savings of $275,000.

For any questions regarding aggregate tool and head repair or for a quote on pricing, call Carbide Tool today!

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