Cost Savings Reports

Cost Saving ChartCarbide Tool Services, Inc. now offers all customers free customized Cost Savings Reports illustrating the savings produced by our indexable tool repair programs. These exclusive reports are simple to read and interpret. They compare the cost of repairing an indexable tooling versus new replacement cost. Standard procedure is to send out the reports at the end of each quarter. It is our goal to provide documentation that illustrates the cost saving value we add in a format that is flexible to meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us today to get more information and to set up an indexable cutting tool repair program.

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Our Program In Action

Carbide Tool Services was awarded the American Eagle Award from the Industrial Supply Association for the valuable cost savings programs it developed with a large automobile manufacturer. The comprehensive indexable tool repair program was supported and documented using the exclusive CTS reporting software and reports. The Cost Savings Reports were utilized each quarter by the end user to illustrate what they were saving in each department by having their indexable cutting tools repaired versus buying new. The free reports were customized for each machining cell and included itemized spreadsheets of every tool repaired in each area. The reports were critical for the engineering staff to show all employees the value of what was being accomplished.

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