Specials / Modifications

Carbide Tool Services, Inc. excels at repairing special indexable cutting tools that require tight tolerances. Our exclusive Q3 inspection process, and ISO certified procedures, guarantee that the sophisticated indexable tooling is repaired accurately every time. Eliminate downtime and the need for expensive back-up inventory by implementing an indexable tool repair program today.

Tool Modifications
We modify existing indexable tooling to change hardware, inserts and tool size. Alterations allow customers the flexibility to keep using existing indexable cutting tools without buying expensive replacements. Modification of indexable tooling is cost effective and time saving.


Before and After Photos (Move your mouse over image to zoom.)


Form Tool before indexable tool repair.

Form Tool after indexable tool repair.

Combination Tool before indexable tool repair.

Combination Tool after indexable tool repair.


Boring Head before indexable tool repair.

Boring Head after indexable tool repair.


Our Program In Action

A large automotive manufacturer uses only special indexable cutting tool holders to manufacture precision parts. This indexable tooling is very expensive to replace, is held to very tight tolerances, and is imported from overseas creating extensive lead times. CTS developed an indexable tool repair program to eliminate these problems. The indexable tool repair program is set up for CTS to house master prints and inserts for inspection to ensure quality. CTS' inspection procedure is designed to mirror the receiving inspection procedure of the customer. In order to reduce delivery time, the customer issues a blanket order so that repair can begin as soon as the tools arrive at CTS. The customer now saves over $200,000 annually with this indexable tool repair program.

Carbide Tool Services, Inc modifies special or standard indexable tooling and none indexable tooling including (but are not limited to) Sandvik, Ceratizit, Kennametal, Widia, Ingersoll, Sumitomo, Tungaloy, Komet , Ceratizit, Iscar, UltraDex, Banyon, Carboloy, Seco, Fuji Seiko, Valenite, Mitsubishi, Waukesha, Walter, Lovejoy, Dormer Pramet, Koroloy, Lyndex Nikken, Biltz, T.M. Smith, Emuge Rego-Fix, Techniks and Stellram.

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