How much does it cost to repair damaged indexable tooling?
The cost of repair by Carbide Tool Services, Inc. (CTS) is generally less than 50% of new replacement cost. Because pricing is based on the amount of damage, customers often save 70% or more versus buying new.

All orders are acknowledged upon receipt and firm prices are quoted via fax, phone or e-mail within two business days. Next-day air packages are quoted immediately upon receipt.

We do not begin any work until you give us authorization to proceed.

What is the delivery time?
Normal delivery time for repair is three to four weeks after receiving authorization to proceed.

Is there a premium service available for rush orders?
Yes. CTS offers several different premium services to meet your needs. Please contact CTS for details.

Are there emergency services available for rush orders?
Yes. We offer several different services to meet your needs. Please contact us for details. We are available 24/7 via our website for emergency service.

Whose tools do you repair?
CTS has the capability to repair any damaged indexable cutting tool and any tool holder made by any manufacturer. This includes but is not limited to:

Kennametal - Walter - Mitsubishi
Ingersoll - Valenite - Iscar
Seco/Carboloy - Lyndex - Sandvik
Lovejoy - Komet - Sumitomo
Tapmatic - Scully-Jones / Siebert
Bilz - T.M. Smith - Nikken
Emuge - Fuji Seiko - Kuroda
Command - LMT - Fette
All other brands, domestic or foreign can also be repaired / reconditioned.

All Materals: Steel, Aluminum, Heavy Metal

What components are required?
CTS has a complete library of standard indexable inserts and hardware for use in our in-house quality center. Inserts and hardware are NOT required for standard tools.

For repair of special indexable tooling, a complete set of pocket hardware and a print should be sent with the tool to prevent delays.

How should I ship my damaged tools?
You may contact one of our local distributors to schedule a pick-up or you can ship the tools directly to:

Carbide Tool Services, Inc.
1020 Lund Blvd.
Anoka, MN 55303

CTS will contact the distributor for you upon receipt of the indexable cutting tools.

Please call us at 1-800-243-9577 for a distributor near you.

CTS will provide durable shipping containers upon request. Please contact the CTS office for details.

What is your guarantee?
All tools carry a 100% unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. We guarantee that the tools will be repaired to original specifications and perform as well as a new tool or you owe us nothing.

Do you document the cost savings?
CTS has an exclusive cost savings documentation program. These customized reports are available upon request and they can be designed to fit your specific needs. Generally, all cost savings reports are sent at the end of each quarter (click here for more details). Please call 1-800-243-9577 for more information.

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