Gear / Crankshaft Tooling

The sophisticated indexable cutting tools that are used for manufacturing gears and crankshafts are repaired back to original condition for a fraction of replacement cost. CTS experience in milling and broaching applications is unmatched in the indexable tool repair industry. All repair work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Expedited delivery services make it possible to get the indexable tooling back into production quickly, limiting downtime.


Before and After Photos (Move your mouse over image to zoom.)

Broach before indexable tool repair.

Broach after indexable tool repair.

Rotary Broach before indexable tool repair.

Rotary Broach after indexable tool repair.

Pin Mill before indexable tool repair.

Pin Mill after indexable tool repair.

Gear Cutter before indexable tool repair.

Gear Cutter after indexable tool repair.


Our Program In Action

A major agriculture equipment manufacturer was crashing several of their large rotary broach segments in a crankshaft application. The expensive indexable cutting tools were far too costly to replace with new and the engineering staff needed a cost effective solution. They had tried other repair sources but their inability to match the original hardness of the pockets, and to control pocket locations, was reducing tool life. Carbide Tool Services was able to complete a thorough broach segment evaluation and develop detailed indexable tool repair plan for repairing the segments back to OEM condition and hardness. The customized indexable tool repair program allowed the customer to repair all of their rotary broaches for a fraction of the replacement cost. They were able to stop purchasing expensive replacements and reduce annual spending. The quality of the repaired broaches often out produced the new segments. Overall the repair program had documented $90,000 in cost savings annually for the manufacturer.

Carbide Tool Services, Inc repairs indexable gear and crankshaft tools including (but are not limited to) Sandvik, Ceratizit, Kennametal, Widia, Ingersoll, Sumitomo, Tungaloy, Komet , Ceratizit, Iscar, UltraDex, Banyon, Carboloy, Seco, Fuji Seiko, Valenite, Mitsubishi, Waukesha, Walter, Lovejoy, Dormer Pramet, Koroloy and Stellram.

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